"A glimpse into your dog’s world may help solve your problems"

Welcome to my website. Please also read the news alert message at the bottom of this page.

My name is Susan Taylor and I am a dog behaviourist, trainer and consultant. I am here to help you and your dog overcome any problems or anxieties you may have. These may seem insurmountable at times, but I can show you a way out. I provide one to one counselling and tuition in your own home and surrounding area as this is where most of the problems originate followed by a complete back-up service for as long as you need it or for the life of your dog.

It may be that you are completely confused by all the contradictory advice you have heard or read - some of it may be relevant, but much will be incorrect and some downright dangerous!.  I promise I can show you the correct path to take and will guide you through the confusion, no matter what your problem may be.

I am more than qualified to help you.  I have a vast amount of experience (3000 + cases) of all breeds of dog and all types of problems and I specialise in puppy and adolescent behaviour and training.  I  am an assessor for the German Shepherd Dog Rescue and I am also their canine behaviourist for the SE Region.

I deal with a huge range of problems including:

  • All types of aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervous/Reactive dogs
  • Puppy and adolescent training and behaviour management
  • Obsessions
  • Issues relating to the car, other dogs/animals, food and possession guarding
  • Obedience problems
  • Rehabilitation of human/dog partnerships

The longer you leave the problem, the worse it will get.  Contact me today and let me put your mind at rest by solving your canine problems.  If you use the contact page on this website, please be sure to give details of the best time to phone you.  Many mobile phones keep going straight to voicemail and this creates a problem in actually making contact with you.  Remember - the sooner I can speak to you, the quicker I can deal with your problem.

I am based in West Oxfordshire and cover all of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire and South Warwickshire.

I support the DogsTrust and the award winning German Shepherd Dog Rescue.


You may have seen on the national news a story about a mystery illness that is affecting some dogs that are being walked in some wooded areas of the country. At present it is being referred to as the New Forest Mystery Virus as it is thought to have originated there. This is an extremely serious and often fatal illness that strikes some dogs that have been walked in woods and forests. It attacks the kidneys and as such, can result in renal failure. There have now been fresh outbreaks in Devon, Cornwall and Worcestershire.

If your dog suddenly becomes ill, especially if they have lesions on their face, paws, legs or any part of their body that has contact with the ground and you have recently walked them in a wooded area, take them to your vet immediately as early intervention can help If in doubt, take them anyway. It may save their life.